Maritime éolienne Venture (MéV)

The Maritime éolienne Venture consortium, led by Brezo Energy Inc., brings together the unique marine heritage and talent of New Brunswick, including small, medium and large companies and academic institutions, as well as international expertise to develop and scale a technology that will significantly reduce the cost of floating wind installations, turn them into an exportable product and drive regional growth.

The Sea-Breeze Tech project will create both low and high skilled jobs, promote Canada’s green energy sector and create a uniquely Canadian brand of offshore wind technology.

The following organizations are part of MéV:

Canadian organizations.

Lead Applicant - EPCi (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation):
  1. Brezo Energy (Fredericton),
Industry Association:
  1. Marine Renewables Canada,
  1. University of New Brunswick,
  2. Université de Moncton,
  3. New Brunswick Community College,
  4. Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick,
  5. The University of British Columbia,
  6. The University of Alberta,
Manufacturing & Construction:
  1. Maritime Hydraulic (Moncton),
  2. MQM Quality Manufacturing (Tracadie-Sheila),
  3. DBM Design, Built, Mechanical (Charlo),
  4. Excel Manufacturing (Harvey Station),
  5. Irving Equiment (Saint John),
  6. Sunny Corner Enterprises (Miramichi),
  7. Johnson Enterprises (Val D’Amour - Campbellton),
  8. The Smart Energy Company (Quispamsis),
  9. GOW (Grand Falls),
  10. RJ MacIsaac Construction Ltd. (Nova Scotia),
  11. Corvus Energy (British Columbia),
  12. McNally Construction Inc.,
The project is supported by the following international organisations:
  1. MIT, Massachussetts Institute of Technology (Precision Engineering Lab),
  2. Lloyd's Register,
  3. MHI Vestas,
  4. Seaplace,
  5. A worldwide leading Offshore Wind Power company

Lead consortium member, Brezo Energy Inc., was established by a group of Canadian and European visionaries in the renewable energy sector. Brezo Energy Inc. is headquartered in New Brunswick and has deep connections to leading international research institutions including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Universidad Polytechnical de Madrid and leading European energy and infrastructure companies.

Sea-Breeze Tech

Sea-Breeze Tech is a multi-year technology project that will develop and deploy a revolutionary new design for the platforms that underlie every offshore floating wind turbine. Unlike conventional floaters, which are built one at a time using traditional shipbuilding techniques, this project will commercialize a high-speed fabrication method, based on proven concrete caisson production techniques.

The project, coordinated by the MéV consortium, will engage the local industrial base for fabrication and create long-term research collaboration and workforce training opportunities for the academic community.

Upon completion, the project will deliver a new technology demonstration and have created the supply chain and infrastructure ready to scale production to supply floaters along the Atlantic coast and technical know-how to renewable energy developers worldwide.


The Sea-Breeze project is developing a key offshore floating wind platform technology, which will be produced for export, create a local supply chain and grow into a strong Canadian brand


Sea-Breeze Tech consists of two components: the floater (TRL 6), and its construction method (TRL 9)


1) Impact Assessment, IA.
2) Construction of 1:8 and Full-scale units.
3) Testing & analysis

Why Deep-waters

Wind speed and consistency is significantly higher in deep-waters


Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is an indicator of the maturity level of a technology

Why in New Brunswick

New Brunswick offers an attractive combination of a modern, 12 month, deep water port, proximity to the United States, where the offshore wind market is growing the fastest, and capable local industrial partners

Proximity to Markets

New offshore wind farms expected in North-East USA


Potential Testing Sites near the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Canadian new IP

l'Université de Moncton and UNB will take part on important new research

Economics of FWP

Floating Wind Power is a source of competitive priced electricity


Sea-Breeze will directly and indirectly create thousands of sustainable, high paying jobs for both skilled and unskilled labor, promoting growth in the Province and development of Canada’s green energy sector

Contracts & Jobs

Well-paying jobs in consulting, manufacturing, and services

Workforce Training

Academic institutions ready to train future workers

Supply Chain organization

Small, Medium and Large companies from NB, NS, NL, PEI and Québec


Immediate and long-term benefits

Impact Assessment (IA)
Formerly known as EIA

A clean environment and a strong economy go hand in hand.

We believe in including early, inclusive and meaningful public engagement.

Decisions should be based on the best available science and Indigenous knowledge; adhering to the principles of scientific integrity, honesty, objectivity, thoroughness and accuracy; and sustainability for present and future generations.

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Taking action now, to position Canada as a global leader on clean technology innovation, will help ensure that Canada remains internationally competitive and will lead to the creation of new good jobs across the country.

Investing in clean technology, innovation, and jobs will bring new and in-demand Canadian technologies to expanding global markets.

These investments will help improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation measures and will equip Canada’s workforce with the knowledge and skills to succeed.
The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change